Kelsey Huwaldt

Insights into Crisis Communications Post-pandemic

August 12, 2022

By Kelly Bantle, Principal at Allegiant Strategies NW and HCNW President

Thrust into an unprecedented pandemic of global scale in our modern time, crisis became a day-in and day-out reality dragging on for years. Within healthcare, the impacts are near countless and immensely profound, affecting operations, staffing, and service delivery, coupled with the health and wellbeing of our patients and communities. The far-reaching disruption and impacts of the pandemic did, however, illuminate many new mindsets and better practices, including around crisis communications. [Read more]

Kelsey Huwaldt

Internal Communications Through A Pandemic: Advancing New Pathways for Greater Engagement and Purpose

June 3, 2022

By Kelsey Huwaldt, Assoc. Dir. of Internal Communications at OHSU & 2022 HCNW At-Large Director

We have all heard: communications should start with your employees. They are your brand ambassadors, your champions, your frontlines. We all believed it and wanted to build strategy that way. But, in 2020, it became more true than ever before.

The guidance and regulations around COVID were changing daily, if not more, as we learned more about this virus. The public looked to health care employees through these frantic moments, and getting employees information, and quickly, became more important than ever. [Read more]

Healthcare Communicators Northwest Announces 2019-2020 Board of Directors, Organizational Priorities

Healthcare Communicators Northwest (HCNW), the Pacific Northwest’s only health-focused professional organization for communicators, announced its 2019-2020 Board of Directors. The 10-member board (see listing below), which includes expert healthcare communicators who work for or with many of the region’s leading health organizations. The Board has set main organization priorities to focus on expanding HCNW’s membership and organizational activities across Oregon, Washington, and beyond.


December 2022