Meet Our New Board President!

A Letter from Kennedy Soileau, HCNW Board President 

I am thrilled to extend my warmest greetings as HCNW’s incoming Board President, ready to embark on a journey of collaboration, growth, and meaningful connections.

Allow me to introduce myself briefly. I am Kennedy Soileau, a former journalist who found my passion in strategic communication, particularly within health care, health policy, and health equity. I currently serve as the Chief Communications Officer for the Washington State Health Care Authority.

As we chart the course for 2024, there are several activities that excite me. One of our key objectives is to expand our footprint across the Pacific Northwest. As a former Oregonian who now lives in Washington, I have come to appreciate that, as neighbors and collaborators, we are truly innovators in the healthcare space. I believe we can amplify our impact on the communities we serve, as well as create a more robust network of healthcare communicators when we share across state lines.

Additionally, I’m delighted to share that we have some captivating webinar series lined up throughout the year. These sessions will delve deep into a variety of pertinent topics, ranging from AI to strategy, leadership, and our shared commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Last but certainly not least, I’m excited to connect with you at our annual conference in November. It is always a fantastic opportunity for us to come together, share insights, and strengthen the bonds that make Healthcare Communicators Northwest such a vibrant community.

Here’s to a fantastic year ahead!


June 2024